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* plant yours with a memorial  like this at base

We planted this tree at no cost to her because her electricity company gave her a credit on her utility bill the 1st month for the full cost of the tree! Click to read about the program:

 She will also save on her monthly cooling bill for many years to come. That was good for the environment too - call us at 210.508.7476. Be green?

Best crepe myrtle colors. The bible says "where there were thistles the myrtle trees will now bloom!"

Catchpenny Farm from the air...come see us...we are here 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Crepe mytlles can form an "alley" and are also beautiful in winter when they are bare since the bark is wonderful and very unique.


Click asterisk here (*) for a video on how live oaks increase home value and why trees actually sell a house because buyers want beautiful trees! Or to watch a longer video click to learn detailed pruning standards:


Spring blooms,    Autumn leaves,   Winter bark colors,


                   (always so beautiful)



 Crepe Myrtles Change With Seasons   


& Summer         Fall              Winter


The combination of live oak and crepe myrtle creates an instant "estate."


They compliment any size spot and  on any budget.


Both will grow so rapidly by 50% per year.


An incredible return on a small investment recovered quickly in reducing electricity bills.


Each tree can dramatically add to your property value.

Live Oak Trees Are Green All Year


Send us an email and we may deliver & install with guarantee the same week (message box above) or call and visit:


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*a much loved pet 

We hold Texas Producer Registrations and are 20-year members of The Arbor Foundation

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Nice letter from

her about oaks!!!.

We started out experimenting with truffles

click here to see an old movie clip we made in 1990


  Toby put our big oaks in

   front of his new home.

   Call him, 210.274.4989

     for his experience.